June 26 2018

Pyreos brings enhanced performance and digital interface to flame sensor range

Pyreos today announced it is bringing enhanced performance and a digital interface to its TO-39 packaged flame sensors with the introduction of the ezPyro TO Flame Sensor. Today’s news will enable designers to build systems with excellent price and performance quickly, thanks to the availability of extensive software support.

The ezPyro TO Flame Sensor will address wider applications in industrial settings than analogue equivalents in the same package because it has better detection distance. The ezPyro TO Flame Sensor also has a greater field of view than an equivalent digital sensor offered in a surface-mount package, enabling it to sense larger areas.

Typical applications for the ezPyro TO Flame Sensor include OEM equipment for flame detection in large spaces, such as warehouses, production plants and offices. Outdoor applications include monitoring oil rigs, forestry and other areas in which rapid flame detection is important.

Click here to read the full announcement.

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